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OHUG Review

Please tell us about a cloud software project at your company.
Hello OHUG member!

The implementation of any Enterprise software determines it's long-term success or failure.  OHUG and Raven Intel have teamed together to uncover the HR software implementation experience of our members and share the aggregated data from customer reviews with you.  Raven Intel specializes in Enterprise Software implementation service delivery metrics, and we are working with them to help conduct this study and analyze/benchmark the findings.

A couple of housekeeping items before you start:
  • Time.  This review will take you no more than 5 minutes.  (It might even take less. )
  • Data Integrity.  Only reviews from customers in actual project implementations will be included in the data to ensure the neutrality and integrity.  If you are a consultant, please invite your customers to complete a review on behalf of your project.  Feel free to email us with questions.
  • Privacy.  We will anonymize your information and hold your company and email information in strict confidence.
  • What you get as our thank you for doing this survey.
    • Interactivity.  You'll see humorous .gifs as you complete each page milestone!
    • Custom Report.  You will receive a custom report about your project when you've completed your review--within 24 hours!  
    • Early and complete access to the aggregated report in May.  
We're delighted you're here.  Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to use the chat function.
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